data protection

Privacy Statement & auml; tion and consents

Table of Contents
1. Objective and responsible entity
2. Ground & auml; USEFUL information for data processing
3. Processing of personal data
4. Collection of access data
5. Cookies & Audience measurement
6. Google Analytics
7. Google-Re/Marketing-Services
8. Facebook Social Plugins
9. Facebook Remarketing
10. Newsletter
11. Integration of services and content of third parties
12. of users and L & ouml rights; research
13. BEAR modifications of the Privacy Statement & auml; tion

1. Objective and responsible entity

This Privacy Statement & auml; tion kl & auml; rt navigation use about the kind, the scope and purpose of the processing (u.a. survey, Processing and use, as well as obtaining consent) of personal data within our reserves and of its related websites, Features and content (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Online offer” or “Website”) on. The Privacy Statement & auml; tion applies independently & auml; ngig on the used domains, systems, th; platforms and Ger & auml (z.B. Desktop or Mobile) on which the online offer executed navigation use is hrt.

Anbieter des Onlineangebotes und die datenschutzrechtlich verantwortliche Stelle ist Olaf Theobald Marketing ( ), owner: Olaf Theobald, Tarnowweg 4, 23909 (hereinafter referred to as “provider”, “we” or “us”). F & uuml; r the Kontaktm & ouml; opportunities, please refer to our imprint

The term “user” covers all customers and online visitors. The terminology used, he knows z.B. “user” are not gender-understand.

2. Ground & auml; USEFUL information for data processing

We process personal data of users only in compliance including & auml; Gigen privacy policy according to the dictates of data economy- and data reduction. This means the data of users only when there is a legal permission, especially if the data to render our contractual services and online services, or. are required by law or processed in the presence of consent.

We meet organizational, contractual and technical Sicherheitsma & szlig; participated in the prior art, to ensure, that the rules of data protection laws are observed and to allow the processed data against zuf MATURE or forwards & auml; USEFUL manipulations, loss, Destroy & ouml; tion or against access by unauthorized persons to sch navigation use tzen.

Provided that under this Privacy Statement & auml; tion content, Tools or other resources from other providers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Third-party”) are used and the called office abroad, Is to be assumed, that a data transfer in the seat states of the third-party takes place. The & Uuml; bermittlung of data to third countries is done either on the basis of statutory authorization, a consent of the users or specific contract clauses, hrleisten; a legally presumed security of data gew & auml.

3. Processing of personal data

The personal data, in addition to expressly navigation use cklich in this privacy explanation BEAR tion using said, f navigation use r the following purposes on the basis of legal permissions or authorizations of the users processed:
– The Zurverf navigation use supply position, Execute navigation use currency, maintenance, Optimizing and securing our Services-, Service- and user services;
– Wt & auml; hrleistung effective customer service and technical support.

We navigation use bermitteln users' data to third parties, if f navigation use r billing purposes is necessary (z.B. to a payment service) or f navigation use other purposes r, if it is necessary, cases, to our contractual obligations towards navigation use over the users to erf & uuml (z.B. Address message to supplier).

When contacting us (by contact form or email) The particulars of the user for the purpose of processing the request and f & uuml; r the case, follow-up questions that arise, saved.
Personal data are gel & ouml; deleted, if they use their erf navigation use have falls and the L & ouml; research is not contrary to obligations to preserve.

4. Collection of access data

We collect data navigation use over any access to the server, on which this service is (so-called server log files). To access data go & ouml; ren name of the downloaded website, file, Date and time of call, Navigation use bert ragene amount of data, Message navigation use about successful retrieval, Browser type along with version, the operating system of the user, Referrer URL (previously visited site), IP address and the requesting provider.

We use the log data with no association with the identity of the user or other profiling in accordance with statutory provisions only for navigation use r statistical analysis for the purpose of operation, security and optimize our online offer. However, we reserve, the protocol data Subseq BEAR possible to navigation use DaytonaPlease navigation use fen, if there is reasonable suspicion of unlawful use of the basis of concrete evidence.

5. Cookies & Audience measurement

Cookies are information, of our web server or web servers of third parties in the web browser, the user navigation use are stored direct call; transferred and there f & uuml; r an sp & auml. OVER the use of cookies under a pseudonym audience measurement users are under this Privacy Statement & auml; informed tion.

The viewing of this website is to the exclusion of cookies m & ouml; resembled. If the user does not m & ouml; Want, that cookies are stored on your computer, they are asked to disable the corresponding option in the system settings of your browser. Stored Cookies k & ouml; can in the system settings of the browser gel & ouml; be deleted. The exclusion of cookies can Funktionseinschr & auml; lead; ONS of this website f & uuml.

It is M & ouml; possibility, Many online ad cookies from companies navigation use about the American side or the EU side manage.

6. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web service of Google Inc. (“Google”) on. Google uses cookies. The information generated by the cookie navigation use about use of the reserves by the user are generally at a Google server in the US navigation use transferred and stored.

Google will use this information on our behalf, the use of our reserves by users evaluate, to compile reports navigation use about the activities & auml; th together within this online offer and providing other use of this website and internet related services to us navigation use to provide about. can be created from the processed data pseudonymous user profiles of users; Here k & OUML.

We use Google Analytics only with activated IP anonymization. That means, the IP address of the user is from Google within the member states of the Europ & auml; GCT; pean Union or other parties to the agreement navigation use over the Europ & auml; pean Economic Area gek & uuml. Only in exceptional & auml; cases is the full IP address to a Google server in the US navigation use transferred and there gek navigation use GCT.

By the user's browser navigation use bermittelte IP address will not be with other Google data JOINT navigation use hrt. The user k & ouml; can the use of cookies by changing the settings of their browser software to prevent; users k & ouml; can represent OVER also prevent the detection of the data generated by the cookie and relating to their use of the contents of Google, as well as the processing of these data by Google, by the features and at the following link navigation use Download PORTABLE browser plugin and install:

for advertising purposes For more information about Google uses data, Settings- and Widerspruchsm & ouml; opportunities can be found on the websites of Google: (“Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps”), (“promotional data usage”), (“Manage information, Google uses, to give you display advertising”) and (“You decide, which ads Google shows you”).

7. Google-Re/Marketing-Services

We use the marketing- and remarketing services (short “Google-Marketing-Services”) der Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA, (“Google”).

The Google marketing services allow us advertisements f & uuml; r and display targeted on our website, to users only advertisements pr & auml; sentieren, the potentially match their interests. If users e.g.. Show f & uuml; r products are displayed, f & uuml; r he was interested on other websites, one speaks here from “Remarketing”. For those purposes, when calling our and other websites, showing Google marketing services are active, directly by Google a code from Google executed navigation use leads and are called into the site. (Re)marketing-Tags (invisible images or code, as “Web Beacons” designated) integrated into the website. With their help is on the auml & Ger; t of users an individual cookie, d.h. saved a small file (place cookies k & ouml; can also be used similar technologies). The cookies k & ouml; can be set from different domains can, among others,,,, or This file is noted, visited which websites the user, f & uuml; r the content he is interested and what offers he has clicked to, Further technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, Visiting hours and other information on the use of the online offer. It is also the IP address of the user captured, where we report as part of Google Analytics, that the IP address within Member States of the Europ & auml; pean Union or other parties to the agreement navigation use over the Europ & auml; pean Economic Area gek navigation use GCT and only in exceptional & auml; cases all the way to a Google server in the US navigation use transferred and there GEK navigation use is RZT. The IP address is not with the user's data within other offers from Google JOINT navigation use hrt. This aforementioned information k & ouml; can also be linked with such information from other sources. If the user subsequently & szlig; visited end other websites, k & ouml; can it according to its interests, tailored to him ads are displayed.

The user data is processed pseudonym under the Google marketing services. D.h. Google stores and processes e.g.. not the name or email address of the user, but processes the relevant data cookie-based within pseudonymous user profiles. D.h. from the perspective of Google's ads are not f & uuml; r managed and displayed a concrete person identified, but f navigation use the cookie r-holder, independently & auml; ngig them who this cookie-owner. This does not, has cklich allowed; when a user expressly navigation use Google, to process the data without these pseudonyms. by “DoubleClick” Navigation use collected about the user information is sent to Google navigation use bermittelt and stored on Google's servers in the US.

To we use Google marketing services go & ouml; rt inter alia. the online advertising program “Google AdWords”. In the case of Google AdWords, erh & auml; any AdWords advertiser lt another “Conversion-Cookie”. Cookies k & ouml; therefore not can navigation use be tracked via the websites of advertisers. The information gathered by the cookies information is used to, create r advertisers; conversion statistics f & uuml, r decided conversion tracking; which f navigation use. The advertisers know the total number of users, who have clicked on their ad and proceeded to a tagged with a conversion tracking tag page. However, they received no information, with which users pers & ouml; can be identified Accessories Sounds.

We bind based on the Google marketing services “DoubleClick” Advertisements for Mom. DoubleClick uses cookies, by Google and its partner sites, placing advertisements or on the basis of visits from users on this website. other sites on the Internet erm & ouml; glicht is.

We also bind based on the Google marketing services “AdSense” Advertisements for Mom. AdSense uses cookies, by Google and its partner sites, placing advertisements or on the basis of visits from users on this website. other sites on the Internet erm & ouml; glicht is.

Another unused by us Google marketing service is the “Google Tag Manager”, which allows other Google Analysis- be integrated and marketing services in our website k & ouml; can (z.B. “AdWords”, “DoubleClick” or “Google Analytics”).

For more information on data use for marketing purposes by Google, learn on the & Uuml; bersichtsseite:, the Privacy Statement & auml; tion of Google is under retrievable.

If you object to the detection by Google marketing services m & ouml; Want, k & ouml; can you the setting provided by Google- use opportunities, and opt-out M & ouml:

8. Facebook Social Plugins

Our online offer uses social plugins (“Plugins”) the social network, which is operated by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland is operated (“Facebook”). The plugins are identifiable by a Facebook logo (WHITE it “f” on a blue tile, the terms “Like”, “Found & auml; falls me” or “thumbs up”-character) or with the addition of “Facebook Social Plugin” marked. The list and the look of Facebook Social Plugins can be viewed here:

When a user calls a function of this website, the such a plugin contains auml & lt;, expanding its Ger & auml; t a direct connection with the Facebook servers on. The content of the plugin is auml from Facebook directly to the device & t the user's navigation use bermittelt and integrates it into the online offer. can be from the processed data, user profiles of users created, taking k & OUML. We therefore have no impact on the amount of data, which rises Facebook using this plugin does and informs the user according to our knowledge,.

By integrating the plugin & auml erh lt; Facebook information, that a user has accessed the corresponding page of the online offer. If the user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can assign to visit his Facebook account. When users interact with the plugins, For example, the Like Button bet & auml; term or leave a comment, the corresponding information from your device and is auml; t directly to Facebook & uuml; bermittelt and stored. If a user is not a member of Facebook, there is still a M & ouml; possibility, that Facebook's IP address in experience and stores. According to Facebook is stored in Germany only an anonymous IP address.

Purpose and scope of data collection and further processing and use of data by Facebook as well as the diesbez navigation use resembled rights and Einstellungsm & ouml; opportunities to protect the privacy & auml; re the user, k & ouml; can refer to this data protection of Facebook:

If a user has a Facebook member and not m & ouml FRUITS, that Facebook navigation use about this online offer data navigation use over collect him, and with his stored on Facebook member data verkn navigation use pft, he must log out before the use of our online offer on Facebook and its cookies l & ouml; rule. Other settings and contradictions navigation use che for use of data f & uuml; r advertising purposes, are within the Facebook profile settings m & ouml; resembled: or navigation use about the American side or the EU side The settings platform-& auml; ngig, d.h. they are f navigation use all devices r & auml; te, such as desktop computers or mobile devices & auml; te navigation use taken over.

9. Facebook Remarketing

known within our online offer. “Facebook-Pixel” the social network Facebook, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, THAT 94025, USA, or. if you auml in the EU to the &; are SSIG, Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland is operated (“Facebook”), used. With the help of Facebook-pixel is Facebook m & ouml; resembled, visitors of our range as a target group f & uuml; r the display of ads, so-called. “Facebook-Ads” to determine. Accordingly, we use the Facebook pixel, the connected through us Facebook Ads only to Facebook users display, who have shown an interest in our Internet services. The HOT t, using the Facebook -Pixels m & ouml; we Want to make sure, that our Facebook Ads correspond to the potential interest of the users and not bel & auml; act stigend. With the help of the Facebook pixel k & ouml; we can further the effectiveness of the Facebook advertisements f navigation use r statistical and trace market research purposes, where we can see whether users after clicking been redirected to a Facebook advertisement on our website.

The Facebook-pixel is included when you access our website directly by Facebook and k & ouml; can on your device & auml; t a so-called. Cookie, d.h. save a small file. If you subsequently szlig to &; end log into Facebook or visit when logged in Facebook, the visit of our range is noted in your profile. The navigation use about you data collected f & uuml; r anonymously us, So give us no R & uuml; ckschl navigation use sse on the identity & auml t of users. However, data from Facebook are stored and processed, so that a connection to the respective user profile m & ouml; is resembled. The processing of the data by Facebook, made in the context of Facebook's data use policy. Accordingly, you get more information about how the remarketing pixel, and generally to represent Facebook Ads, in data usage policy of Facebook:

You k & ouml; can contradict the detection by the Facebook-pixels and use of your data for presentation of Facebook Ads. To this end, k & ouml; You can call the appointed Facebook page and there follow the instructions on the settings, usage-based advertising: or the contradiction navigation use about the American side or the EU side explained & auml; ren. The settings platform-& auml; ngig, d.h. they are f navigation use all devices r & auml; te, such as desktop computers or mobile devices & auml; te navigation use taken over.

10. Newsletter

With the following instructions kl & auml; we ren you navigation use about the content of our newsletter as well as the registration, shipping- and the statistical evaluation methods as well as your right of appeal to. By subscribing to our newsletter, explained & auml; ren to agree with the reception and the methods described.

Content of the newsletter: We send newsletters, E-mails and other electronic notifications with advertising information (following “Newsletter”) only with the consent of the receiver SINGER or legal permission. its contents are paraphrased unless specifically as part of a subscription to the newsletter, they are f navigation use r user consent ma ROAD geblich. In & Uuml; brigen our newsletter contains the following information: Our products, deals, Actions and our company.

Double opt-in and logging: Registration for our newsletter takes place in a so-called. Double-Opt-in-Verfahren. D.h. You receive after registration an email, in which you the Best & auml; are requested actuation registration. This Best & auml; actuation is necessary, so no one can log with foreign e-mail addresses. The registrations for the newsletter are logged, to the login process in accordance with the legal requirements prove to k & ouml; can. These include, & ouml; rt storage of credentials- and Best & auml; actuation time of occurrence, and the IP address. changes in your shipping providers stored data logged, as well as the & Auml be.

Shipping service: The dispatch of the newsletter by means of “” (hereinafter referred to as “Shipping service”). The privacy policy of the shipper k & ouml; you can see here: .

The email addresses of our newsletter Rec SINGER, as well as their more, Data described in the context of these notes, are stored on the servers of the shipper. The shipping service provider uses this information to dispatch and to evaluate the newsletter on our behalf. Furthermore, the delivery service can use to optimize or improve their own services according to their own information, this data, z.B. for technical optimization of shipment and the presentation of the newsletter or f & uuml; r economic purposes, to determine from which L & auml; change the receiver BEAR come nger. but not nger, the shipping service provider uses the data of our newsletter Rec & auml, to this to write themselves or to third parties.

credentials: To f & uuml; r the newsletter to register, it is enough, if you provide your e-mail address.

Statistical survey and analysis – The newsletters contain a so-called. “web-beacon”, d.h. a pixelgro ROAD file, when the & Ouml; is retrieved from the server open the newsletter of the shipper. As part of this retrieval are first & auml; waxed technical information, as information about the browser and your system, collected as well as your IP address and time of the call. This information is for the technical improvement of services based on the technical data or the target groups and their reading habits by which polling places (which can be determined using the IP address) or access times used. Among the statistical surveys go & ouml; rt also finding, whether the newsletter ge & ouml; be opened, when they ge & ouml; be opened and which links are clicked. This information k & ouml; are assigned ngern; can technical GREEN Although the individual receiver & Newsletter auml ligand. However, it is not our desire, nor of the shipper, to observe individual users. The evaluations serve us much more to, to send to recognize the reading habits of our users and to adapt our content to them or different content according to the interests of our users.

K navigation use Early redemption / revocation – You k & ouml; can the receipt of our newsletter at any time k navigation use ndigen, d.h. Their consent revoked. Thus erl & ouml; rule also your consent to the shipment by the shipping service provider and the statistical analysis. A separate revocation of shipment by the shipping service provider or the statistical analysis not m & ouml; resembled. Link to K & uuml; Early redemption of the newsletter can be found at the end of every newsletter.

11. Integration of services and content of third parties

It can happen, that within our online offer content or services of third-party, be ne or fonts included from other websites, such as city maps & auml. The integration of content from third-party always presupposes, that the third-party notice the IP address of the user, since they are not without sending the IP address of the content to the browser, the user k & ouml; Nnten. The IP address is so f & uuml; r the presentation of that content needed. Furthermore, k & ouml; can the providers of third-party content set their own cookies and the data of the user f & uuml; r process their own purposes. can be from the processed data, user profiles of users created, taking k & OUML. We are such contents m & ouml; glichst data sparingly and use datenvermeidend and with regard to data security & reliable auml; ssige third-party w auml; choose.

The following discussion provides a & Uuml; overview of third-party and its contents, along with links to their Privacy Statement & auml; conclusions, what further information on the use of data and, z.T. already mentioned here, Widerspruchsm & ouml; opportunities (so-called. Opt-Out) contain:

– External fonts from Google, Inc., (“Google Fonts”). The integration of Google fonts is provided by a server's call to Google (usually in the US). Privacy Statement & auml; tion:, Opt-Out:

– Maps of the service “Google Maps” the third-party Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA, posed. Privacy Statement & auml; tion:, Opt-Out:

– Videos of the platform “YouTube” the third-party Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA. Privacy Statement & auml; tion:, Opt-Out:

12. Rights of users and L & ouml; research data

Users have the right, on request at no cost to obtain confirmation of navigation use about the personal data, the & of us navigation use over they were saved.
Zus & auml; suddenly, the users have the right to correct inaccurate data, Revocation of Consent, Blocking and L & ouml; research of their personal data and the right, strength data processing a complaint with the zust BEAR; auml in the case of adopting a & unrechtm; & szlig ndigen Aufsichtsbeh & OUML; rde submitted.

The stored data are gel & ouml; deleted, once they f & uuml; r their purpose is no longer required and the L & ouml; research as no legal retention requirements.

13. BEAR modifications of the Privacy Statement & auml; tion

We reserve the right, the Privacy explanation BEAR tion to BEAR change, in order to auml ge & MODIFIED legal situations, adjust changes of the service, and data processing; or & Auml. However, this applies only in terms of explanation & auml; implications for data processing. Unless the user consents are required or constituents of the data protection explanation BEAR tion regulations of Vertragsverh BEAR contain ltnisses with users, take place & Auml; changes only with the consent of users.
Users are asked to regularly & auml; to inform tion; & szlig ig navigation use about the content of the Privacy Statement & auml.

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